On Wednesday, May 2, the Canosia Town Board approved the Township’s long-term hiking & biking trail plan. The plan was developed in partnership with the Metropolitan Interstate Council and a steering committee of Canosia residents.

Keep in mind, this is a long-range planning document. The implementation of any of the potential projects will depend on available grant funding, coordination with various land owning entities (DNR, Proctor School District, etc), and volunteer manpower.

The plan is also a working document and additional comments and ideas are always welcome. Click here to view plan.

Within the township, there are already several areas set aside for public use which are served by a network of  public trails. This includes the vast Canosia Wildlife Management Area (CWMA)and the Pike Lake School Forest.

The CWMA is owned and maintained by the DNR. The wildlife area is a diverse forest, wetland and bog complex, with upland openings and waterfowl ponds. One easy access point is from the trailhead parking lot at the dead end of Ugstad Rd. Click this link for the DNR’s CWMA page or view the southern half map here and northern half map here. 

The 38-acres school forest can be accessed from parking lot on Martin Rd. just past the school or at a trailhead near the back baseball field at the township rec area. Click here for the School Forest Trail map. 

As the township moves forward with implementing some of the short-term projects in our trail plan, we will be needing volunteer manpower to help with maintenance projects, regular upkeep and trail clearing. If any residents or volunteer groups are interested in taking part, please contact the township at canosiatownship @ yahoo.com.

Thank you!