2023: Road Projects

Early in June, you will see trucks, graders, pavers, and many folks working on a major road resurfacing project in Canosia Township. St Louis County has announced that the Midway Road, from North Pike Lake Road to Kehtel Road will be resurfaced beginning this June -July. In addition, both Industrial Road from Midway to Sunny Lane, as well as Sunny Lane will also be part of this road project. There will be expected delays as the work progresses, but no road closures are scheduled. This will be a great Road Improvement Project that will have a positive impact on all the folks using these roads.
Please use caution while this work is being done. Slow down and be aware of your surroundings. We have also replaced several culverts, repaired washouts, and performed ditching where needed on townships roads damaged due to the severe snow melt and flooding issues. Our hope is that Canosia Township will be reimbursed for this work by the State and Federal Government. A special thanks to all of the folks who were involved in getting this work done.

If anyone has any road concerns which they feel the township should review, please contact me @ 218-590-6473 or canosiacomnick@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Kevin L. Comnick
Canosia Supervisor