2021: Road Projects

The 2021 Canosia Road Tour has been completed. Our findings show that our gravel roads are in very good shape going into spring and summer. We may be adding gravel to Eckstrom Road this summer. We will be having St Louis County grading all of our gravel roads as it fits in their grading schedules. We will be continuing our culvert inspections, determining our brushing needs, as well as our ditching needs. Our Asphalt Roads are scheduled for a Crack Repair Special as outlined in the resolution approved by the Canosia Town Board. Those roads are as follows: Birchway Dr, Daniels Rd, Dunaiski Rd, Holly Ln, Kehtel Rd, Lakeway Dr, Lindahl Rd, Lockwood Ln, Pike Lane, Pike Lake Place, S. Pike Lake Rd, Shady Ln, Spruce Ln, Vaux Rd, and Wilderness Trail. As we move into summer, any road conditions that may change will be handled according to the policies and procedures set at the Re-Organization meeting held in April. In closing, I am pleased to report that our road program, working in partnership with St Louis County, has been a very successful program to date. Canosia has continued working with their Engineering Department to assist us with our annual needs. We continue to work within the annual levy road and bridge budget to accomplish our improvements and ongoing maintenance.
Kevin L. Comnick
Canosia Township Road Supervisor